aorta pexi

Luke on way to OpLuke had his 8th major operation yesterday an Aorta Pexi in which they had to crack open his sternum and suture (stich)  his aorta to his sternum to relieve the pressure of it on his airways.

The op seemed to go well, the general feeling was that it needed to be done and should achieve some greater good both long and short term.

Unfortunately in the operation Luke dumped out quite alot of blood and fluids so when he arrived back in PICU he had to be given a top up of blood and Gello (plasma type of thing) Later on that evening he continued to look very pale, his lips losing all redness and his blood pressure seemed to be dropping quite rapidly even though they were keeping him topped up with fluids. After an X-ray one of the consultants noticed some fluid build up around his lung and decided to put another chest drain in to remove it. This did not seem to work as the blood had coagulated and would not drain out, so this moring he went in for a mini op to remove and this seems to have gone ok and Luke is now back on PICU after operation number 9!

Luke post op