Death Episodes

Discovered the correct terminology for when Luke has one of his nasty turns (normally as a result of him getting annoyed) where he goes mottled, sweaty, heart rate drops, saturation drops, blood pressure drops and needs to be bagged and possibly given adrenaline to get heart going more - a [Death Episode].

Lukes had about 10+ of these so far, it is a very distressing thing to see as a parent.

Monster Baby!

L was weighed yesterday and came in at 8.1kg. A normal 4month old baby should be 7.1kg. This puts Luke in the 92 percentile, so I think we need some Slimfast TPN quick!

Luke weighs 8.1kg @ 4months

Generally L had an ok night, woke up a few times being grumpy. Had some piriton to stop scratching face which morphine induces.

Sill on 0.7mls of Clonidine & 1.5mls of Morphine

L had 4nurses singing to him earlier to get him to go to sleep whilst changing his arterial line!