1st Birthday!

Sorry for the long absence. I have had another stomach bug, but apart from that I have been doing really well and Mummy and Daddy have been busy taking me out and preparing to take me home!!!!!!! I have been out in our new, bigger car which has been really fun. Mummy and Daddy are hoping I might be able to move to Dorchester in the next couple of weeks and then maybe get home by the end of next month!!!

I celebrated my first birthday yesterday. I had an amazing day, being the centre of attention with all my lovely nurses in PICU. They got me a lovely cake, nurse Millie made me an amazing card and we had a brilliant party. It was definately my best day so far! Today I move up to the Long Term Ventilation Unit which is the first step to getting home. It is quite exciting, but I will be very sad to say goodbye to all the nurses and doctors in PICU which has been my home for much of the past year. I will definately keep popping in to see them though because they have been so brilliant to me and my family.