Out and about

The sun is out and i*m out and about!

Mum, Genevieve and carer

@ West Bay with Mumy and carer

Having my piano lesson.



Roast Beef

More Pix

Lukey in Kingfisher Ward in Dorchester with Grandad Broom

Genevieve say hello to horsey..

Who needs a kitchen table..


life at home

Luke has taken being at home in his stride so far. The bigger concern is how family life will continue in the medium to long term.

Everyone is generally happy but also so very exhausted. After as year of living and travelling to Southampton, living in a hospital and eating the rancid cafe food (sorry Eaterie) it would have been nice to have had a bit of respite with 24hr care initially so we could have sorted ourselves out. At the moment we have 18hrs per day, 4hrs on Sat and no care on Sunday which may seem like a lot but when factor in a 3 week old baby in the remain remaing hours theres not much time to take a breather - of course this is *family* time. Of course i*ve realised we*re not doing enough after selling our cars, imminently selling the house, downgrading jobs, and one of us giving up work - and who needs a kitchen table to eat off anyway?